Wynd Halo & Home Purifier: A Smart Air Quality Monitor & Purifier

Wynd Halo Kickstarter

Wynd Technologies is an innovative Silicon Valley based company. They are specialized in air purification systems. They first became known back in 2016 when they introduced their very first air purifier, the Wynd on Kickstarter. It was an immediate success and it’s great to see that they are still alive and working on new products. This time they have returned back to Kickstarter and revealed their newest product set: the Wynd Halo & Wynd Home Purifier.

The Wynd Halo is a new air quality monitor. It’s full of sensors that constantly measure the air and displays you the current situation. It has sensors for measuring the temperature, humidity, CO2 and even pollen. So it can actually tell you exactly what you are breathing in. And that’s where the home purifier comes handy.

Wynd Halo And Home Purifier

The Wynd Home Purifier is the device that cleans the air around you. It receives all of the data recorded by the Wynd Halo and uses that information to purify the air. The purifier has V series HEPA filters that can remove a wide range of pollutants and gases from the air. That includes molds, allergens, germs and toxic odors. In addition to that, the Wynd Home Purifier is also extremely powerful. It can clean 537 m3 of air per hour. That translates to around 1200 ft2 in 30 minutes.

Both of the devices are equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth. So they can be accessed through an Android or iOS app. You can also pair them with other smart home devices, such as Nest, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

If this is something that you are interested in then I recommend checking them out on Kickstarter. The entire set can be pledged for $279 but both the Halo and Home Purifier can also be purchased separately. They have also reached their goal of $50,000 by raising more than $104,000 with 58 days to go. They plan to start delivering in May 2019.